Friday, September 01, 2006

- sinful indulgence continues in relentless reading of thoughtless crap, consumption of good coffee and mindless laughter

- watched a film which filled my heart with gladness with one buddy in a theater where there was no one much for owning our space for a little less than two hours for eight dollars and seventy-five cents...what lovely indulgence

-currently hooked to Mao's biography by Jonathan Spence...for all who just said tsk can bite me

-have an agenda in mind for research and plans to travel to the West Coast for reasons academic...bear with me and it shall happen

-d has a job and seems happy...may he continuously succeed...more power to him

-i adore my mentor...and the 'j' factor just stung me bad...he is off to England for a whole week...when will my 'London moment' come?

-my ipod needs a serious update...shall be treated accordingly in the weekend

-i LOVE myself and i do not TRUST you...period !

Friday, August 25, 2006

as being not-so-evident, someone spoke these lines about yours truly...i sat and wondered...and I wondered clueless thinking what it still clueless...

"Your simplicity can be observed around the idea of naive truth that your project, often entrenched with the reactions heard in response to some of my questions. With this wonderful unbending ideological simplicity you have adopted a stance that is very strong to quiver and induces immense pleasure by interacting with you. Your candidness confronts every little uncertainty of emotions directly. "

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

talking about transparencies, i was always amazed at how candid S could be. cuttingly candid and at times i did have to develop the sort of skin normally only seen on old rhinos to cope with his comments when he got crabby. but then again he was no social butterfly flitting off to a ceaseless round of cocktail parties with amorous intentions of hurting people. and he would never forget to assure me that the next time around he would be careful in wearing his verbal boot and going straight for their Achilles heel.

Friday, July 28, 2006

sarcasm is timeless...

the way it is expressed is not...

stay on your toes...

---God Himself

Thursday, July 13, 2006

i have always thought that there is an uncomplicated elucidation to every human predicament. just like when someone sends the vibe that he could be trusted and that no circumstances will ever change the deep underlying sentiments attached to it. alas! not only over the years but with each passing day it all turns out to be overwhelmingly incoherent with experienced events. and i still continue to repress my instincts gathering conviction from the fleeting realization that after all i may have been right. but the pain seems to get intense and hopefully HE shall help me to get to the truth which again is not something we know as soon as we want to know it. shedding tears at the end of each day cannot wipe the pain. it only intensifies it. life's like that.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

if i choose to stand at the door and listen; in tolerance and acceptance, to a bible thumper's diatribe, and as a result my dinner burns i have only managed to waste food and i am still hungry. i have compromised self for the sake of acceptance. but if i am rude and slam the door i simply create strife, which i believe is catapulted into the collective energy and harms everyone and everything. of course this is a simplistic example but it serves to make a point. now you might say is this some kind of intellectual phrasing that you use to twist stuff around. well the answer is no. it is through the natural disciplines of the reflective mind that one can expand his perception of the reality within himself and the world around him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

seeking respite...this time thru some photoblogging from my sojourn at SF...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

i had not realized that to exhibit tolerance one had to have sympathy or to tolerate one had to suffer. we often find toleration as a defnition of patience or endurance. would it mean it is an index of how much one can put up with the diatribe they may be spewing forth on their front. or more rationally i would say it suggests acceptance of another without being judgmental or as i would put it as negation of self. having said all this the burning question which probably remains is that can we become so caught up in the tolerance of others that we neglect our own beliefs? well extremes by definition we are. can speak for myself. affection, pain, aggravation, resentment, animosity and ecstasy, contentment, acceptance, and easiness are all emotions which have become extreme within my mind at varying times of my life. on the contrary, i truly do not believe, on a simplistic level, that there can be any.